iMatJet® team

Words from the Founder

iMatJet® is primarily a tech breakthrough and we are proud to stand behind it. iMatJet® is a sustainable, well thought of product that offers fun and safety on the water. Our industrial know-how has made it possible to make a product that will put a smile on your face. Just as an electric scooter enables the people to be mobile and have fun, we believe you don’t need a speed boat to enjoy the beach in a safe and ecofriendly way.”

Meet the team

Leisure products driven by high precision industry

imtech has been a successful supplier to well-known companies in the metal industry for more than 20 years. Its core business is the manufacture and sale of high-precision turned and milled parts. imtech team of well-known industry professionals has dedicated its knowledge to produce iMatJet® and to make it a synonym for quality and fun in many summers to come.

  • Ivica Mataija – CEO
  • Hans Spiegelberg – Development Engineer
  • Artur Brumhardt – Construction Engineer
  • Ramazan Din – Project Engineer

The entire team of imtech GmbH & Co.KG is involved in the iMatJet®; in the areas of assembly, logistics, shipping, accounting, order processing and marketing.