The World’s First Motorized Air Mattress Returns to the Düsseldorf Boat Show

iMatJet® stunned the numerous crowds gathered at the 2020 boot Düsseldorf, and we are happy to announce that the largest European watersports trade fair visitor will once again have a chance to discover this patented wonder. If you are planning to visit, stop by Hall 17, where iMatJet® will showcase their product from 21st to 29th January at stand A28.  

iMatJet® is a unique boating and yachting accessory, as well as a more comfortable, relaxation-oriented, and environmentally friendly alternative to water vehicles. This is because iMatJet® is as comfortable as your favourite sofa but powered by a powerful electric motor and remote control to provide the highest level of effortless lounging on any water surface.

Everyone Loves iMatJet®

These are the two reasons iMatJet®s quickly became the staple of numerous Mediterranean beaches.

Firstly, its silent e-motor and classical, clean design ensure this unique float blends perfectly with the scenery and doesn’t take away from the natural beauties by polluting the waters and beaches with exhaust gases. Secondly, iMatJet® is manufactured with entrepreneurs in mind. This means the product is a perfect investment for those in the water activity business such as paddle boats, jetski or SUP renters, and hotel and accommodation renters.

In essence, iMatJet® is inspired by hedonism, sustainability, and entrepreneurship. Developed, designed, and produced in Germany, iMatJet® is a passion project of experts of the well-known German company imtech, which deals with specialized mechanical tuning and milling parts used by leading nautical companies worldwide.

Easy to control, inflatable, ready in a few seconds, easily transported, and user friendly the constructors of iMatJet® made sure that their patent became both a successful business venture for renters and a favourite boat and yacht accessory of private owners.


The unique experience of floating and controlling iMatJet® will quickly become your favourite water activity.

Visit iMatJet® at stand A28 in hall 17 and discover the possibilities and the magic of the world’s first motorized and patented water mattress.

If you would like to learn more about iMatJet®, visit the official webpage and explore the B2B possibilities:

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