Scope of delivery

The iMatJet® standard package includes:
2 watertight motor housings with 2 powerful 24 volt motors
2 waterproof plastic housings with 2 powerful 20 ampere hour batteries in removable battery compartment including 2 chargers
iMatJet® with 3-chamber system with SUP valves, 3 grab handles and 2 bottle holders
SUP compressor pump with inflate and deflate function
waterproof remote control with USB charging cable
integrated programmable circuit board with antenna
iMatJet® special trolley with 2 wheels
Additional battery for operating the high pressure pump. The battery is versatile and can be used, for example, for coolers with 12 volts.
Clearly laid out operating instructions in 11 languages, in colored booklet
2 protective grilles in front of the propeller to avoid injury
4 secondary seals for the battery compartment (it is recommended to replace the seals at
the beginning of each summer)

For iMatJet® additional fun:
2 powerful 20 ampere hour batteries including 2 chargers
A spare parts list is included with every delivery.