With a little practice, the iMatJet® 
can be set up in 5 minutes!

Simple, quick setup

iMatJet® comes with a complimentary backpack and trolley. Trolley contains the electric motor with batteries and electric air pump while the backpack contains the water chair itself. The setup takes 5 minutes.

1. Unpack the iMatJet® from its complimentary backpack and unfold it.
2. Connect the supplied high-pressure pump to the supplied power bank, set the pressure value.
3. Insert the adapter one after the other into the valves of the three chambers and start the SUP pump. The pump stops automatically when the defined value is reached.
4. Turn the bottom of the iMatJet® upwards and insert the two watertight housings into the rails and secure them.
5. Put the pump and its power bank back into the trolley and enjoy the ride.