About iMatJet®

iMatJet® took years to develop until we finally created a smooth and quiet ride merging sustainable electric technology with the comfort and relaxation of air and a water floating chair. Our in-house developed and patented technology enables you to relax and enjoy water activities like never before. Designed and tested for safety, iMatJet will change the way you play in the water by allowing you to move around in any direction using a user-friendly remote.

iMatJet floating chair features a very plush design with a high backseat and additional lower back support for maximum comfort. Assembling it takes only a few minutes, it’s lighter than carry-on luggage and it can fit almost anywhere thanks to the trolley bag it comes with.


iMatJet® is developed in Germany using the latest technology and safety measures. Each of our products went through extensive safety and quality testing ensuring a fun, relaxed and safe experience. Furthermore, our water float does not use fossil fuels thanks to built-in electric motors. Therefore, this product is both fun & sustainable. Why just float when you can cruise around?