A must have for summer 2022: Motorized float


We are already deep into 2022 (time does really fly??) and it’s time to plan a fun summer that is ahead of us! Yes, we know we are only in March, but one can never plan their summer vacation too early right? Well, while you think about a perfect destination for this summer, or you’re lucky to already live in one, we wanted to get your attention on what to do this summer, rather than where to do it. If you thought you’d found all of the floatable accessories you need for a day in the water, you are very mistaken. Sit tightly, because we’re about to present a product that will forever change how you have fun in the water. Two words – a motorized float. We’ll let that sink in for a moment.

What Is an iMatJet® Motorized Float Lounger?


As the name suggests, it is an inflatable, ride-on lounge chair with built-in motors that allow you to move around at 360 degrees using a remote control. Forget paddling when trying to relax in the water and enjoy this unique invention that has just become a new hot item in town!


iMatJet pool float you can drive on the sea


iMatJet® Motorized Float – A Smarter Way to Chill


Meet the world’s first water lounger powered by electric motors with the speed up to 3 knots. Designed for pleasure, relaxation and fun, iMatJet revolutionizes the way you play in water by allowing you to move around in any direction all at the touch of a button! Drive through water with style with this innovative motorized water float. 

iMatJet® is all about relaxation. If you are looking for a thrill and adrenaline rush, then the motorized floating lounge is not for you. However, if you are looking for something fun but relaxing, something you can enjoy with your friends while sipping your favorite drink – then look no further. Easy to assemble and even easier to carry, iMatJet® is sure to become a fav accessory of summer 2022!

How To Use: A Simple, 5-Step Guide


Unpack, set up, enjoy. Yup, it is as simple as that. When designing iMatJet®, we wanted to make sure we’re making a product that will be user-friendly and carried everywhere and not one of those purchases that you buy and don’t feel like assembling every time. iMatJet® comes with an amazing SUP high pressure pump and a powerbank that makes charging easier than charging your phone. When connected to the power bank, the iMatJet can be inflated without an electrical outlet which means you can literally pump it anywhere you like. Talking about convenience huh? 

iMatJet®  Motorized Lounger – What’s Included


iMatJet comes with a variety of useful accessories that will make your user experience seamless and fun. It features a very plush design with a high backseat and additional lower back support for maximum comfort. Assembling it takes only a few minutes, it’s lighter than a carry-on luggage and it can fit almost anywhere thanks to the trolley bag it comes with.

A Pool Float You Drive on the Sea – Innovative and Safe


iMatJet® is developed in Germany using the latest technology and safety measures. Each of our products went through extensive safety and quality testing ensuring a fun, relaxed and safe experience. Moreover, our floating lounge chair is eco-friendly as it doesn’t pollute nature with fossil fuels. This makes this product both fun & sustainable!  


motorized pool lounge chair to enjoy with friends on the sea

iMatJet® – Built for Opportunities 


An absolute hit among water activities, iMatJet® is an ideal business opportunity that guarantees a quick return on investment. Our company has created three different models when it comes to B2B opportunities that allow you to either become a long-term partner, seller or a distributor. A one-month ROI makes our product very desirable among other businesses and its innovative design and features will make it that much easier to sell.


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Now that you know why you need a motorized water lounger such as an iMatJet – it’s time to start planning to buy one! Visit our shop and choose your model today.