Summer in Croatia: 4 Things You Can’t Skip

Long gone are the days when Croatia was a hidden gem of Europe. Crystalline waters dotted with sailing boats, amazing local cuisine and beautiful nature are the main reasons why this somewhat small country at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe couldn’t stay hidden for long. In the last decade, Croatia has become one of the top destinations to visit among many countries, not only in Europe but also in the rest of the world. People enjoy the favorable Mediterranean climate, beautiful beaches and the warm Adriatic Sea. This country really does seem to have it all. Want to have a relaxing, stress-free holiday? Walk the sleepy streets of Rovinj or Zadar. Would you like to rent a sailing boat or a yacht and visit a destination by the sea? There are over 1000 islands to explore. Want to party like there is no tomorrow? Hvar’s calling your name.

There are plenty of tourist and non-tourist guides online to help you find your way around, from long lists of places to visit, restaurants to eat at and beaches to enjoy. We weren’t joking when we said Hrvatska (local name for Croatia – useful to know) really has it all – however, when it comes to planning a week-long vacation in Croatia and writing down which places and islands to visit and what to see—then it becomes quite daunting. We want to keep it simple—we compiled a list of 4 things you cannot miss should you find yourself vacationing in Croatia. These are Croatia’s staples and without doing them, you will miss out on a lot. Luckily, we’ve made it quite easy for you. Keep reading and find out what are the things you can’t miss while visiting Croatia in 2022.


Croatian Islands

coratian islands

As mentioned briefly, Croatia has around 1200 islands, so naturally, island hopping is a must. Depending on your interests and mood, you can choose the islands you’d like to visit, and there are plenty of detailed Croatian Islands guides to help you decide. Our top 3 picks are definitely Hvar, Korčula and Vis.


1. Hvar

Hvar Town offers swanky hotels, elegant restaurants and a general sense that, if you care about seeing and being seen, this is the place to be. Rubbing shoulders with the posh yachties are hundreds of young partygoers, dancing on tables at the town’s legendary beach bars. The northern coastal towns of Stari Grad and Jelsa are far more subdued and low-key.

Hvar’s interior hides abandoned ancient hamlets, craggy peaks, vineyards and the lavender fields that the island is famous for. This region is worth exploring on a day trip, as is the island’s southern coast, which has some of Hvar’s most beautiful and isolated coves.


2. Korčula

Korcula is one of Croatia’s most treasured islands although, perhaps somewhat surprisingly, not quite as popular as some of its slightly more northern counterparts, such as Brac and Hvar. This may be because the island is a little further away to get to (both from Split or Dubrovnik) and some of the most convenient ferry services to the island only run in summer. The main resorts are Korcula Town (people call it “Little Dubrovnik” because of its medieval squares, churches, palaces and houses), Vela Luka and Lumbarda. There are also smaller towns and villages dotted around the island for those looking for a more secluded holiday.


3. Vis

This tiny Croatian island gets star billing the Mamma Mia sequel. And, with beautiful beaches, 17th-century architecture and great seafood restaurants, it’s easy to see why. Despite its low-key vibe, Vis has enough sights, including an archaeological museum and churches, to avoid beach-centered boredom. Above all, on neighboring Biševo island, a series of caves have pools of iridescent blue light (which feature in the film), thanks to a shaft of sunlight meeting pure white sand on the seafloor. There’s an action side to Vis, too: the harbors are lined with every type of boat, from excursion vessels to sailing boats and Ribs. Cycling is big here, so is exploring a network of tunnels built by the Yugoslav army, alongside abseiling and diving – wrecks include a B-17 from the Second World War.


Fun and Versatile Activities 


water activities in Croatia

When you arrive in Croatia, you might think this is a place of resting, wining and dining, but don’t be fooled. Famous for its versatile and fun activities, Croatia offers you endless fun, whether you are with your friends, loved ones or by yourself!



This one does seem like an easy guess, but coming to Croatia and only using a road as a means of transportation would be such a waste. Sailing through the Adriatic can be anything from renting a small boat for a daily excursion, embarking on an adventure of one-of-a-kind boats, or even renting a party yacht and having a blast. Whatever fits your taste and budget, you cannot miss the calming effects and positive vibes that one gets when sailing on the smooth waters of the Adriatic. It is truly magical.


Water Activities

Most of you are not only satisfied with a comfy sunbed, a cocktail in your hand and nothing but the blue sea in front of you. It seems odd, right? Well, not really when you know the variety of water activities Croatia has to offer. So, next time you think about fun things to do at the beach, refer to our amazing list below:


1. iMatJet® Motorized Water Float

iMatJet® is a true game-changer when it comes to water activities. It is fun, it is relaxing, and it is safe! A motorized float chair that will make you never take a swim in the water. Controlled by a remote, you can drive yourself around for up to an hour without charging and the innovative design will make this product your favorite summer activity. Want to spice it up? Invite friends and have an iMatJet® party! Oh, and we almost forgot about the convenient cup holder for your favorite drink. 😉


2. SUP Board

If you like to do some work while playing in the water, we suggest trying the SUP Board. Paddling through the Adriatic Sea is breathtaking and an experience on its own, even though you might’ve tried it many times before.


3. Rafting

Rafting on the Cetina River is one of Croatia’s most popular adventure activities. It’s an easy day trip to make from Split and a must-do. The river comprises both quiet parts and up to third-grade rapids, making the entire experience a combo of both relaxation and adventure. This rafting adventure covers 11,000 meters of distance and 31 meters of altitude from start to finish. So, for those of you who are into fun & adrenaline—look no further!


Truffle Hunting

Need we say anything more? If you are gourmets like we are, then this is a no-brainer when it comes to what to do in Croatia. A subterranean fungus that grows around oak trees, truffles are a top Croatian delicacy. While they can be found all over the world, Croatia (especially the Istria region) is a hotspot for truffles, and you’ll be able to find them prepared in a variety of dishes. Eating truffles, but make it into an event! Since we’re talking summer here, it’s worth noting the truffles you’ll most likely be hunting are black truffles. Yum!




dubrovnik fun summer in croatia

We were hesitant whether to suggest and outline only one city to visit while in Croatia since it’s unfair to many other beautiful coastal and suburban towns. However, we dared to single out one of them, which has gained more commercial fame than any other town in Croatia (even Hvar!). We are talking, of course, about our one and only—King’s Landing. Home to many memorable scenes from the hit TV show “Game of Thrones”, Dubrovnik was well-known before the beloved show made it even more popular. The beautifully preserved city has survived both earthquakes and armed conflicts, and has played an important role in the history of Croatia’s wars. These days, visitors will enjoy dancing in clubs located in old castles, taking the scenic cable car to the top of Srđ mountain for sweeping views of the city, and getting lost in the narrow limestone alleys that make up much of Old Town.


 Croatian Gastronomy

A wonderful thing about gastronomy is that we can all agree it’s something one cannot miss when visiting a destination. Enriched with fresh seafood and organically grown vegetables, Croatia is privileged to have one of the greatest gastronomies in the world. It offers a diverse culinary experience with various natural and savory dishes. Croatian cuisine is based on locally and ecologically produced ingredients so it is difficult to capture its authentic flavor elsewhere. It offers a blend of various regional recipes, from spicy inland specialties to Dalmatia’s Mediterranean-based cuisine. Mediterranean gastronomy is said to be one of the healthiest in the world, closely related to people’s well-being and vigor. There are plenty of restaurants, bistros, and bars to choose from depending on which cities you intend to visit, but make sure to try some of its staple dishes – pasticada with gnocchi, black risotto, or strukli. 


Once you have decided where you want to stay in Croatia and made your list of places to visit, make sure you tackle at least 3 of our 4 must-do items for an unforgettable time in Croatia!