Learn about iMatJet®’s unique technical refinements

Our development team worked tirelessly on the optimal geometry and perfection of the 3-chamber system. Compared to common air mattresses (material thickness max. 0.2 mm PVC), the iMatJet® is made of much more robust material (lower chamber 1.0 mm, upper two chambers 0.6 mm) and is therefore reminiscent of an inflatable boat in terms of stability. It is equipped with three holding/carrying handles and two bottle holders. Three bayonet locks (as used on SUP boards) ensure that no air can escape from the valves.

Remote Control

Device is waterproof and unsinkable
The rechargeable remote is designed exclusively for the iMatJet®. Five red LED lights indicate the battery status. A Velcro strip on the underside allows you to easily fix the remote control on the iMatJet® so that it does not fall into the water.

Power Supply

Everyone is talking about electromobility – we are electronically mobile from the first day of development!

Two powerful lithium-ion batteries in watertight housing guarantee that you can enjoy at least 1 hour on the water. If you do not constantly go full throttle, you can extend the pleasure even longer.

The batteries are easy to replace like a drawer. To enjoy the time on the water for longer, just buy another set of batteries.Each battery comes with a charger, so you can easily charge it overnight.

batteries for the water float
electric motor for slaty water

The housing / the motors

The biggest challenge was making sure the electronics in the housing were waterproof, especially in seawater.
Our engineers have found an excellent solution for this.
From the beginning, salt-water tests were carried out in the test basin, which has been specially designed for the iMatJet®.

Inflate/Deflate High-Pressure Pump

A unique feature is the included imtech high-performance SUP compressor pump with inflate and deflate function.
The pump makes it possible to accurately set the air pressure specified in the operating instructions up to 20PSI / 1.4BAR.
As soon as the desired air pressure is reached, the air pump switches off automatically.
The power is supplied via the cigarette lighter in the car. If the car is not nearby, the SUP pump can be powered using the included power bank.

inflate/deflate high-pressure pump
instructions of use


Designed specifically for the iMatJet®, the trolley is ideal for any stage of your stay at the beach.
Perfect bag for a fantastic product – Space for two chargers – Space for high-pressure SUP air pump – Space for iMatJet if folded – If iMatJet is in use – Please close the bag – If iMatJet comes out of the water… – You can store your iMatJet.


easy-to-carry trolley for your water float
dimensions iMatJet

Mass and weight

All necessary components of the iMatJet® fit in the supplied bag.